Online Resources

Facebook Groups

There are many groups related to the concept of Universal Reconciliation that you might consider joining:

Love Heretic - a large group based in the USA.

Progressing Church - a predominantly United Kingdom based group.

Raising Hell Book Group - mainly, but not exclusively, for those who have read Raising Hell.

Other groups with the terms Universalism or Hope for All can also be found. We recommend that you seek out those that you find helpful.

We run a Facebook group where this topic is discussed. You are welcome to join it.

People worth following on Facebook

Santo Calarco - frequently posts about issues related to Universal Reconciliation.

Richard Murray - extensive posts defending the character of God and how to interpret difficult bible passages.

Jacob M. Wright - many interesting and thought-provoking posts related to Universal Reconciliation.

Social Media Groups

The Deconstruction Network - aims to help people who are questioning what they believe.

Video and Podcasts

Beyond the Pale - interesting interviews and topics.

Grace Saves All - David Artman, many interesting interviews.

Heretic Happy Hour - advocating the wider hope for many years.

Love Covered Life Podcast - often has interviews with people with near-death experiences.

Phil Hendry Power Gospel - brief but powerful videos.

YouTube Channels

Love Unrelenting - many videos and playlists supporting the unrelenting view of Love.

Restoration for All - many videos by Santo Calarco.

TikTok Channels

@christianuniversalism - Brian McHenry gives many good talks about Christian Universalism.

Useful Websites

Mercy on All - Many essays supporting Christian Universalism.

Salvation for All - Extensive analysis of the proposition that everyone will be saved.

Tent Maker - Many articles and videos supporting Universal Reconciliation.

Triumph of Mercy - Many resources supporting Christian Universalism.