The Love Above All Things Project exists to present a belief we call Progressing Reconciliation. We have created and collected some resources that explore our convictions in the hope that they will inspire hope in a better future for everyone.


Progressing Reconciliation is the belief that the creator of all things is a good and loving father who will resurrect everyone to eventually live harmoniously with him and their neighbours. The initial stages of this process are already underway, but harmony will only be fully achieved in subsequent ages beyond this life.


We have found that those who discover this hope are usually at peace with themselves and are able to enjoy good relationships with others of all creeds or none. Our beliefs fit within the wider school of thought known as Universal Reconciliation. We don’t feel under any pressure to coerce anyone to conform to our beliefs. Believing everyone will be eventually reconciled removes the requirement for a person to have a particular faith or religion before they die. It also brings peace, hope and excitement about the future.

We recognise that each person is a unique individual, with unique experiences and desires. It is rare to find two people with exactly the same beliefs or even the same questions. The Love Above All Things Project aims to help as many as possible investigate what it means to have faith in a loving creator and an assured hope for a good future for everyone.

This article explains the background to why the project was set up. Read it here.

Who we are

The current members of the project team are David Bell and Dave Griffiths.

David Bell

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Dave Griffiths

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