Responding to Doubts

Many believe that eventually, on the new earth, everyone will love everyone. If you have doubts about this, we will try to help you by first briefly describing why we believe it, and then encouraging you to investigate the books and other resources listed on this site.

We have spent many years studying. We have poured over the bible, read countless books that help explain the messages in the bible and investigated many religions. We have also looked at the wonderful world we live in and (when not spoilt by humans) enjoyed the beauty and shear abundance of variety, colours and sounds.

Our conclusion is that an intelligent entity must be behind creation and that it is agape love, it indwells everything and gives life to everything. Some call the entity God, Yahweh, the source, or the ground of all being - it has been given many different names. Our background is the Christian church, so we use the name God and believe that God created the world through his son Jesus. Please bear with us if these words trigger painful images for you.

We believe that God has an overall plan and will ensure that it comes to fruition. The objective of the plan is to create many unique and independent creatures and humans. Once this has been achieved he will arrange for them to mature so that eventually he will be able to have a good relationship with all of creation.

This is our understanding of the overall plan:

In the beginning a universe was created, and our planet, that we call earth, was formed to support life. The earth was then populated with vegetation, creatures and finally humans. Creatures and humans were asked to multiply, fill the earth and enjoy it’s wonders.

To ensure creatures and humans multiplied they were all given the desires to procreate, protect and prosper. These and other essential desires have caused many populations to breed successfully, and humans have greatly multiplied. However, these desires can become distorted and when unconstrained cause terrible suffering. Much of what we call evil can be attributed to the distorted desires of humans.

Suffering can also be caused by sickness, accidents or natural disasters. We believe that to create the unique individuals that God desires these problems can’t be avoided. This world can be tough and although many grow in maturity through overcoming adversity, this benefit can’t justify all the suffering that some experience.

To help humans understand God’s plan and to demonstrate his love Jesus was sent to live amongst us. He taught us about the love of God, gave guidance on how to live by agape love and then suffered a terrible death so that we would know that God empathises with our condition. Jesus was resurrected from death to give us assurance that we would also be resurrected.

Unfortunately, humans have distorted the message that Jesus brought and instead of love abounding, disharmony and hatred have marred the following years.

At some point Jesus will return and spend time demonstrating how we should all have lived. He will train his followers and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

A new earth will then be created. This earth will be similar to the current earth in many ways, but the creatures and humans resurrected onto it will have different bodies. These bodies will be immortal, they will not have the desire to procreate and the desires to protect and prosper will be weaker and so easier to control. These changes will make it easier for individuals to change and learn to live in harmony with agape love.

We believe there will be two areas on the new earth, an area called the Holy City (it will be much bigger than any current city) and an area outside the city. Those outside the city will be placed in environments designed to cause any unloving behaviour to be exposed and hopefully removed. Within each environment a few of Jesus’ followers will demonstrate agape love and help anyone willing to learn its ways. People will exist in a succession of such environments until they are willing to follow the guidance of God’s spirit and consistently love others. Eventually we believe that even the evilest of characters will be transformed and be willing to live by agape love.

Once transformed a person will be able to enter the Holy City. Within the city everyone will love everyone, and everyone will enjoy an abundant life.

This is much simplified overview of our beliefs, if you wish to gain a better understanding, do engage with the resources on this website or read our book which is available without cost or obligation at