Emerging from the Rubble 


I was introduced to Dave Griffiths when he mentioned his Facebook group ‘Progressing Church’ in another group. At the time I was investigating the concept that God is agape love and that all will be well in the end. Discussion within that group, and many others, has convinced me that everyone will be resurrected and eventually enjoy a good relationship with Jesus and their neighbours.

I suggested to Dave that a book exploring how this might be accomplished should be produced. He agreed to initially help me produce a book but over time it has become a joint collaboration.

The following story describes our vision of how a small part of God’s plan might unfold. Our objective has been to present an interesting story that includes concepts that challenge conventional teachings. We think that the story gives an insight into a possible future, whilst completely accepting that many alternative views can be justified.

Some readers may find the concepts worthy of further investigation or discussion. We welcome such discussions in the social media groups we have set up. These are listed at the end of the book.

We have enjoyed writing this story and hope that it brings reassurance and peace to all who read it.


David Bell

15 February 2021