Overview of Progressing Reconciliation

We have described our particular beliefs as Progressing Reconciliation. We are very keen, however, to make clear that it is not essential for others to agree with us. Over the years many belief systems have been proposed and frequently denominations have been formed based on such beliefs. In our experience, the formation of a church or a denomination, whilst initially helpful to the founder members, almost always results in division and strife.  

We firmly believe that Love is Above All Things and that every member of humanity is equally loved. Anything that causes divisions or some to feel rejected should be avoided.

It is only to allow others to easily engage with what we believe that the term Progressing Reconciliation has been coined. 

It has much in common with process and open theism and we agree with many of the concepts that these propose, for instance, the belief that everything is relational and that this age has been created and is sustained by a loving God. However, we cannot agree with the concept that this world is progressively being healed and will eventually reach a state of Shalom (a peaceful and abundant life).

The evidence from history is quite clear: this planet will never provide a healed environment for humans or for the many other species in the natural world. When presenting a message of hope, it is necessary to first acknowledge this fact.

Progressing Reconciliation seeks to explain why our current environment has been created and predicts that in the ages to come all will be well for everyone.

It proposes that we are currently in the age of multiplication and that the primary purpose of our current environment is population increase . To achieve this, we have been endowed with the desires to procreate, protect and prosper. Without these desires the population of any species would soon become extinct. But these desires, when unconstrained, easily become perverted and cause great harm and suffering. We see this all too clearly in the world today.

We suggest that in future ages the desire to procreate will be removed and the desires to protect and prosper will be significantly reduced. Within such environments it will become easier for Eternal Love to encourage each and every person to live the abundant life we each yearn for.

We call our particular vision ‘Progressing Reconciliation’. Progressing because we believe that each person is progressing towards a state of loving maturity and that this state of maturity can be achieved by the influence of love without the need for ‘magical’ interference. Reconciliation because we believe that love can reconcile everyone and heal every hurt.