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21 April 2024

An article giving a brief response to any that have doubts about our belief was added here in English and here in Spanish

15 April 2024

The book Once Loved Always Loved: The Logic of Apokatastasis added under books. It examines practically every argument against Apokatastasis and resoundly concludes that everyone will be saved eventually.

5 February 2024

Videos related to Near Death Experiences added

1 September 2023

Many songs added to the Music page

12 April 2023

Diagram of the stages of Eternal Love's plan added

8 April 2023

Many articles added to the pages that describe our beliefs.

24 March 2023

The Elephant is Running by Bruce Epperly  added under books. This book examines the character of the creator from the viewpoint of many different religions and traditions.

3 February 2023

Hell Yes / Hell No by John Reid Noe  added under books. This book is very academic but an excellent analysis of the topic of hell and the afterlife. The last chapter in particular supports many of the views held by the project team.

28 January 2023

Lets talk about Hell by Kenneth Myers  added under books. This book is easy to read and engaging. Has a very good analysis of the rich man and Lazarus.

19 January 2023

Deconstructing Hell edited by Chad Bahl added under books. This book contains many interesting articles by authors who reject the concept of eternal conscious torment.