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Eventually, on the New Earth

Everyone will love Everyone!

We hope that the resources on this site will help you investigate the possibility that eventually Everyone will Love Everyone.

To say that eventually Everyone will Love Everyone may sound like a very bold statement. There are certainly times when we have not felt loved. Most of us feel this at some point in our lives. But might it be that love created everything, sustains everything and will unfailingly love each and every one of us until we each love our neighbour?  

Members of this project believe that Eternal Love (the creator, the ground of all being, God) unfailingly loves everyone, always has done and always will. We have come to believe this through our life experiences and after many years of searching.

In difficult times, we have found great reassurance in knowing we are loved by a love that not only created the universe but will also bring every one of us through death into a future where we will be guided into a state of loving maturity. This outcome will be achieved irrespective of the current beliefs or actions of an individual. Believing this helps us to show compassion to all we meet, even those who abuse us.

We must make it clear from the start that we do not recommend staying close to someone who is abusive. Compassion can be shown by creating clear boundaries and offering to arrange services of support. We believe in following the way of unfailing love, but such love is not without conditions and constraints. It is not soft. It always tries to influence situations for the benefit of all parties.

Becoming confident that Love is Above All Things and that you are loved by Eternal Love can often involve many years of searching, studying and reflecting on big questions. Within this project we are attempting to assist in this process through our articles and by listing resources and discussion forums that we have found useful. Do explore this site and let us have any suggestions for its improvement.

Members of the project have produced a book, Hope for Everyone, a fictional story that presents a vision of the afterlife that we believe all will eventually enjoy. It is offered without cost or obligation.

We sincerely hope that you feel inspired and encouraged through this project. We believe that the meaning of life is love and that your path to the abundant life we all seek is secure, guaranteed by the unfailing love of Eternal Love.

We have described our particular belief as 'Progressing Reconciliation'. Read an overview here.

A brief response to those that have doubts about our beliefs is presented here in English and here in Spanish

We set out what we believe in more detail in these articles

We are constantly adding new resources. Journey with us as we explore the material available.

Pages on this site list books, music, videos, social media groups and podcasts that we have found useful.

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